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Lulu's Australia Adventure

Day 1

Thursday, May 28, 2009

After getting all of our luggage at the airport, and realizing that the Colorado Kid’s luggage didn’t make it, we drove to the Moonlit Animal Sanctuary, an hour drive from Melbourne. Once there, we followed animal specialists around to experience one of their normal workdays. First, we helped fix up a wombat enclosure. Because Wombats dig a lot, the enclosure was covered in deep holes. The animal specialist, Marion, fist had to catch Rita, the wombat, which was a probably the biggest task of the day. First, we dug up dirt from another location and drove it back to the wombat enclosure. We used the dirt to cover up the holes. Then, a few of us went of to collect branches to decorate and remodel Rita’s cage. After that, we went on a Wallabies walk. We got food and got to walk around and feed the Wallabies out of our hands. They were sooooo cute J. Some were really shy, while other walked up to you. After the wallabies, we tested the fertility of squirrel gliders. We each got to fill out the official lab sheets and watch the squirrel glider be tested. They were soooo cute and had the biggest eyes. After the squirrel gliders, we were going to go and weed a section of the sanctuary, but because it stared POURING we had to change our plans. Instead of going weeding, we instead learned about diets of all the animals. When the specialist showed us mealworms, the Colorado kids and their teacher dared to EAT some!!!!!!!! It was sooooo gross. TO make the matters worse, when we got back to the cabin, we learned about frogs and their diets. When the animal keeper fed the frog a cockroach, Ashlee had the nerve to eat one herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After being completely grossed out but also impressed that she would dare to do something like that, we enjoyed our first traditional Aussie BBQ. When it got dark outside, we went on our night walk around the sanctuary to see the animals that are night active. We petted and fed bettongs, and let a bird bite us. The best thing though on the way back was that we got feed and pet kangaroos in the dark!! It was so amazing!!! We also got to see a Koala eating eucalyptus. It was so adorable!! That wrapped up our day at the Moonlit Sanctuary and our first day in Australia. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel to get a good night rest.


Michael Johnson said...

Hi Lulu,

Glad you had a great time at Moonlit Sanctuary! We sure enjoyed having you with us. You might be interested to know that we won a major environmental award last Friday, so we are pretty pleased with ourselves!

Kind regards,

Moonlit Sanctuary

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