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Lulu's Australia Adventure

Day 5

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today, we woke up in our nice,warm, snuggly swags. We had some breakfast and departed for our 6 hour bus ride to Uluru. A couple of stops later, we finally arrived at the massive rock known as Uluru by the indigenous people. An indigenous man from the Anagu tribe showed us the survival skills and the traditional tools used by the aborigonies. We got to throw spears and learn how the women seperated grass from seeds. He also showed us how to make traditional glue from plants. Then, we were thought of how to make traditional dot paintings. I did mine of snakes gathering at a waterhole. We were thought that all aborigonal paintings have a story behind them. After that, we were going to go see the "sunset", which didn't work so well considering the whole sky was covered in clouds. We still got some really cool pictures of uluru. We got some us holding and biting the rock. Then, we drove to check out our hotel. For dinner, we had an traditional " aussie-do-it-yourself" BBQ. I made my own chicken and an Emu susage ( it came with the meal, don't worry :). The chicken was good, but whenever I tried the emu susage, I thought of a cute emu in my head, so I stopped right after one bite. Then, we did our own preformance of " home among the gumtrees" in front of the entire dining area. After that, we headed back to our rooms for a good night sleep.

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Anonymous said...

of course i look at your posts - every day twice...
they are amazing !!

what a shame the sunset in uluru didnt work out but i was so glad that you were treated by this most beautiful amazing gorgeous sunrise the next day.... i was so exited for you !! how beautiful it was !!
enjoy my girl.... you are a star ! :)

Betsy said...

Lulu: I've been reading all of your entries and am so impressed not only with your writing, but with how adventurous you are! Mr. Shelton definitely picked the right girl for the trip -- I'm not sure Emu would be on my menu:)

Thanks so much for continuing to post -- I can tell you have a career as a travel writer in front of you!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!


Betsy Whalen
Director, Marketing
Discovery Education

PS. . . tell Eren (Mr. Koont?) that he needs to post some blog entries too;)!

Anonymous said...


how is it over the rainbows ?? :)
yesterday was stevens birthday and we were all sitting around the table talking about your blogs. we follow them up regularly...
this seems to be the journey of your life, but you must be quiet exhausted as well...

it sounds as if this journey is so YOU ...
it seems to me that you are experiencing all the things i always taught you from year one :" different cultures, arts, traveling, taking risks,photography, being open, and absorbing with your eyes.... "
i am so proud of you- you do a great job with your blogs !!!

come home saffe and as happy as you can be :)
ich lieb dich

Anonymous said...

and it is never boring to read your blogs, they are so well written. i am so impressed.
you choose all these words, that i can see it nearly in front of me what you are experiencing
you are great with words lulu.....
yes you could have a carrier as a writer or journalist ahead of you.... as well as your interview on day one !!!

deine mai

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