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Lulu's Australia Adventure

Day 6

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today, we woke up at 5 AM to go see the sunrise at Uluru. It was so early that we couldn't even eat breakfast at the hotel. Instead we got bagged food and we ate it on the bus. We left when it was pitch black and got to uluru. We watched the sky getting lighter, but the sky was full of clouds. When we were about to get back on the coach, the sun broke through the blanket of clouds. Within minutes, Uluru turned into a ball of fire. The bottom turned bright yellow. The middle was a firey orange, while the top was a deep red, almost a maroon shade. It was one of the most specatuclar things I have ever seen. Another really amazing thing was that the tops of the trees turned yellow too. I was really hoping we could climb Uluru untill I learned that it was offensive to the local aborigonal tribe, the Anagu. After the sunrise, we went to go take a tour of a certain part of Uluru with our coach driver, Richard. Richard showed us some of the cave paintings and he showed us how the aborigonies used trees as their pharmacy and what medicines they used for what diseases. Then, we visited one of the 6 semi-permanent waterholes around Uluru. There was a heart formation in the rock. It was really pretty. Then, we drove to Kata Tjuta. It is a rock formation located 20 minutes away from Uluru. The view was amazing and we could see Kata Tjuta and Uluru at the same time. Afterwards, we got back on the bus and drove to the camel farm. Since it was raining, we could not take the camels on a ride through the desert, but we still got to get on them and rode around a small round. The getting up and down part was really cool because it swayed really hard. After the camel rides, we went off to the shopping town to have some lunch. Elvira and I went to the supermarket to see if we could find something cheap to eat there. Instead of lunch, we walked out with 56 chupa chups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We divided them up, do now I have 28 chupa chups. After lunch, we drove to the airport for our flight to Cairns. When we got off our 3 1/2 hour flight, I was shocked by the humidity out here, comparing it to the dry conditions of the outback.We had finally reached heat!!!!!!!!!! We got on our coach bus and headed off to the crocdile farm. On the way, we made a short beach stop. How come the Pacific Ocean is warm here but not in California?! Then, we finally arrived at the croc farm. We witnessed a live feeding. The crocs were huge!!! The leader of the pack was 13 feet long!! Then, we watched a private show where animals were brought out. There was a phython, a baby crocodile, a wallabee, and a koala. The baby croc was really soft, way sdofter then I expected. The wallabee was soo cuutttteeeeee! We learned how to tell kabgaroos and and wallabees apart. We also learned about the diffrence between alligators and crocs. The koala was soo adorable. He behaved like a human baby and it was really interesting to see it up close and pet it. After that, we headed to eat some dinner at the farm. Now, we are off to the hotel back in Cairns.

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Susan said...

I have enjoyed reading your blogs and tweets. This blog is my favorite so far. You did a wonderful job of describing the scene when the sun rose over Uluru.
Thanks for sharing your adventure with those of us at home. It has been great fun following the group.
Mrs. Jensen's mom

Karen Bosch said...

I'm glad you got to see the sunrise at Uluru! That is one of my favorite memories, something you really have to experience. Your description of the moment was awesome!

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