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Lulu's Australia Adventure

Day 7

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today, after our wake up call at 6:15, Elvira, Shea, and I went to breakfast. After waking up Laura's room who did not get a wakeup call, we finally boarded our coach bus and headed off to the banana farm. When we got there, they had some tea and pasteries prepared for us. They were reallllyyyyy yummyy :). After that, we headed down to the banana plants. We saw a beautifull waterfall. I think the funniest part of my day was when Ms. McGuire, Laura, Sophie, and I invented a spraytan out of the dirt on the banana farm for Ms. McGuire and Laura. It was really funny and it worked SUPER well!!!! We even came up with a name ( volcanic tan), a slogan ( because you're hot), and we planned on taking some home and filming a commercial. It was soo funny!!! Then, we drove around the farm and looked at some of the banana plants. Then, we watched the bananas actually being processed. We got to help seperate the big clusters into smaller ones. Then, me and Sophie interviewed the owner of the farm, Terry Hampson. When we got back on the bus, Laura, Ms. McGuire and I were trying to get dirt to take home, but we didn't have enough time. the wife of the farm owner gave us her card and said we should email her and she would send us some of the dirt. After the banana farm, we continued on our drive to Towensville. We got to the Reef HQ which is going to be our research station for our great barrier reef excrution. We went through saftey procedures and looked at some of the fish. Then, we went back to our hotel.

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Duration 14 days
When May 25th - June 7th, 2009
Focus Marine Biology
Aboriginal Culture